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 To contribute towards the creation of a tolerant, equitable, enlightened and humane society.
  Empower the students to aspire for significantly contributing to the nation's development through socialist and secular strategies of instruction.
 Mould students of the Institution into well-meaning citizens of the nation through a socially committed, intellectually inclined, culture driven and future oriented paradigm of learning.
  Enrichment of society through a holistic education for women and to develop a leading edge profile in learning and teaching, enhancing the capacity of knowledge and skills required for excellence.
  The Institution shall always strive to stride forward and keep pace with the changing needs and spirit of the times.
  The College shall continue to foster talent and build on its rich repository of fame and prestige.
  The Institution shall continue to uphold its commitment to the nation in general and to the society in particular and perpetually strive to carry this out through a series of carefully crafted, tested and systematically executed steps of actions.
  The College shall spare no effort to continue to spread and further its academic potentials as well as effulgence by providing conducive academic ambience for all classes of students and teachers.
  The Institution shall signify learning from the past, assimilating the present and planning for the future.
    • To offer higher quality education.
    • To promote communication, understanding and acceptance between students.
    • To equip them with the necessary background to continue their studies for higher academic qualifications.
    • In addition, the College aims at preparing its students to enter the ever- changing scenario.
    •  Provides them with a sound knowledge base and the skills required in order to pursue further achievements and a successful career.
    • One of the primary scopes of our College is to assist its students in their effort to become ethical, mature, and fair in their relations with other people.
    • An additional objective of the College is to help its students develop a sense of belonging to an educational institution of quality, which is concerned about their welfare and meets their academic, professional, social and other needs.
    • As a learning-centered College, we dedicate all programs, services, and resources to student success with a commitment to continuously monitor, assess and improve our performance.
    • We organize day to day programs to develop professional attitudes, values, skills and strategies among students to foster success not only in their careers but in life also.
    • Various cultural activities and functions of the college provide opportunities to the students to develop and enhance their skills.
    • College also manages to get special grants from U.G.C. to arrange special classes for SC, BC and handicapped students.


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    Hindu Girls College Jagadhri - 135003, Haryana,India