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Yoga & Naturopathy

Yoga & Naturopathy is a Career oriented Add on Course :- In this course we train our student for theraputic purpose with natural resources. Yoga is very impotant and has become basic need of every individual at paticular stage. This coursee has been running successfully for the last five year from 2008. This course has proved a professional boon for a number of alumni.

Cosmetology and personality Grooming

Cosmetology is a study and application of beauty treatment . it is scitific branch of helth Science. Branches of Cosmetology Includes Hair-style. Skin care. Cosmaticsmanicures-pedicures and electrogy. The course provides practical Knowledge in scientific manner. Additionally the course touches upon business economics.

Textile designing

Everyone is surrounded by the textiles from birth to death . we walk on and wear texttile product. Textiles are aesthetically pleasing and vary in color, design and texture. The scope of textile designing is very vast now –a –days to meet the ever changing demands of customers. Textile product are ever changing the change according to changing life style of people. In Textile designing we can include tie and dye, batik,dyeing, block painting, fabric painting, embroideries and much more to produce variety of design on different fabrics.the Knowledge of textile designing can make the home and surrounding attractive with new things with latest techniques.

Web desiging

web design is the art and process of creating a single web page or entire wed sites and may involve both the aesthetics and the mechanics of web site’s operation although primarily it focouses on th look and feel of the web site- the design elements.web design goes beyond artistry and imagination. By putting deals to use for companies and individuals. As with much of information technology industry many web design companies have been established in tchnology parks in the developing world.

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